Short Film: Medusa

Frederic Colin


Frédéric Colin

Music & Sound Design:



Steve Lynch, Gavin Little

Sound Design & Final Mix:

Gavin Little


Florent Bizec, Fabien Gibert, Frederic Colin

Additional Designers:

Samir Senane


Samir Senane, Frederic Colin


Frederic Colin


Florent Bizec, Frederic Colin, Fabien Gibert, Samir Sénane


Anne Szymkowiak


Sylvian Fabre

Thanks to:

Bandits Production, Denis Brunier, Anne Szymkowiak, Sylvian Fabre and ECHOLAB

MEDUSA "The Fallen Goddess" was a personal project, led by Frédéric Colin as though it were a title sequence.

Medusa is part of Greek Mythology. Her story is sometimes misunderstood, as she is commonly remembered as a monster. Those who gazed into her eyes would turn to stone, but she was the true victim.

Raped by Poseidon and damned by Athena, she to is exiled to a lost island, a secret place known to us from her sisters, the Gorgons.

Medusa's story is still a reference for victims from mythology to reality, she is a real symbol.

Medusa 01
Medusa 02
Medusa 03
Medusa 04
Medusa 05
Medusa 06
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Medusa 08
Medusa 09
Medusa 10