ANZ: Paper Prints






Sr. Producer:

Mark Paisey

Sr. Art Director:

Watchara Tansrikeat

Design // Production Studio:

Feed Me Light


Kiri Haggart

Creative Director:

Denis Bodart

Project Lead:

Denis Bodart


Benjamin Flouw

3D Generalists:

Olivier Pirard, Florent Rousseau, Denis Bodart

Feed Me Light created these two prints to promote the latest ANZ personal loan campaign in New Zealand. The video shows a few details close up of these two lovely artworks.

This campaign is about life stages and life moments that people go through. Both things that happen to you and things that you make happen.

From the frustrations of a broken car to the happiness and excitement of getting married, to a million things that you need to deal with when you move into a new home.

We illustrate these stages of life as pages in a pop-up book. We want to dramatise and add emotion to the illustrations, to demonstrate the variety of feelings and what might be going through people’s heads when they are experiencing these moments.

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