American Horror Stories: Bestie

Frederic Colin


Elastic X Feed Me Light


American Horror Stories

Elastic ECD:

Hazel Baird


Mitchell Fraser

Elastic EP:

Kate Berry

Head of Production:

Paul Makowski

Elastic MD:

Jennifer Sofio Hall

Colour Management:

Andrew Young

FML Creative Producer:

Dawn Cottrell


Denis Bouyer


Kiri Haggart

Production Coordinator:

Pauline Heuillard

Creative Director:

Frederic Colin

CG Generalists:

Frederic Colin, Cian McKenna, Olivier Pirard


Frederic Colin, Denis Bouyer, Oliveir Pirard


Frederic Colin

0178 Elastic AHS Bestie FINAL 00 00 32 18 Still012
0178 Elastic AHS Bestie FINAL 00 00 16 21 Still005


Once again collaborating with our friends, Frederic Colin and the team put together the beautiful yet haunting opening credits for Disney/FX's American Horror Stories episode 'Bestie'.

Frederic and the team were asked to blend 3D and VFX with footage to create something jarring yet beautiful to kick start the episode, and they didn't disappoint.

As it happens we're quite good at making spooky work, and this example from season 3 of the hugely popular series is a testament to that. Released just in time for Halloween 2023 too, perfect.

0178 Elastic AHS Bestie FINAL 00 00 26 22 Still010
Corridor 005
0178 Elastic AHS Bestie FINAL 00 00 34 22 Still013
0178 Elastic AHS Bestie FINAL 00 00 22 16 Still009