The Amelia Project: Please Take Me There



The Amelia Project

Animation Studio:

Feed Me Light

Executive Producer:

Kiri Haggart

Character & Environment Design:

Marc Bouyer

3D Animatic:

Sophie Blayrat

Modelling & Textures:

Florent Rousseau, Olivier Pirard, Marc Bouyer, Denis Bodart


Denis Bodart

3D Animation:

Olivier Pirard, Denis Bodart

2D Animation:

Olivier Pirard, Amael Isnard

Lighting // Rendering:

Olivier Pirard


Olivier Pirard

Feed Me Light has a pretty simple ideal – Do good stuff. For people, for the community, for ourselves and for others who need help.

We were introduced to a charity ‘The Amelia Project’ which was set up in 2014 by the passionate Fernando Pinho. He wanted to help children who need medical help get where they needed to be more easily. And continue to get the medical help they required.

Too many families have to make big decisions and sacrifice too much, just to enable them to get their sick children to treatment.

It’s a simple question. What would you do if your child was sick and you didn’t have access to transport?

This is what is asked in the short animation video we did for Fernando and his team. They have also been awarded official UK charity status, and have relaunched with as ‘Please Take Me There’.

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