Short Film: Firmament

Frederic Colin


Frederic Colin
Mehdi Hadi
Niels Prayer
Samir Senane

Curated by:

Motion Plus Design


Clair de Lune

Composed by:

Claude Debussy

Performed by:

David Tobin, Jeff Meegan, Julian Gallant, Rob Kelly

Motion Plus Design asked Frederic Colin, Mehdi Hadi, Niels Prayer and Samir Senane to collaborate on a “carte blanche” film, made with Adobe, Dropbox, Cinema4D tools. That’s how, for their first collaboration, they made “Firmament”, a short movie about the inner process of the artistic creation.

Since 2017, Motion Plus Design & its visionary sponsors encourage creativity by curating exclusive motion design films. These “carte blanche” pieces are always based on collaborations between the greatest worldwide artists... who never worked together before.