Kirin Ichiban: The Journey



Chris Ullens

Creative Producer:

Jade Bogue

Art Direction:


Hand Actor:

Sanjay Shelat

Voice Over:

Dait Abuchi


James Durand

Camera & Lighting:

Eoghan Hanrahan, Toby Goodyear, Matthew Day


Steve Gilbert

Shot at...:

Clapham Road Studios


James Wright @ Tenthree


Houmam Abdallah @ Electric Theatre Collective

Music Score:

Damian Wagner,
Director’s Cut – Slugabed

Sound Designers:

Will Cohen, Andy Stewart @ String and Tins

Art Directors:

Ben Gerlis, Ben Austin

3D Generalist:

Krystian Niemiec

Lead Modelmaker:

Emily Suvanvej

Model Makers:

Katie Unsworth Murray, Amy Watts, Simon Wells, Christina Gomila, Madeleine Girling, Tessa Sillars-Powell

Junior Model Maker:

Charlotte Soar, Petrina Wee Shi Qui

Art Dept Assistants:

Jack Needell, Will Hooper


Andy Biddle, Billie Achilleos

Standby Carpenter:

Samson Rinaldi


Talia Lehavi

Liquid Stylist/Food Stylist:

Tim Wilkinson

Art Dept Runners:

Louise Simmons, Tom Quinton


Rigging Services

Head Rigger:

Bryan Wilson

At Kirin Ichiban, they go by a principle that sees the journey being as important as the destination. This is why Rowdy created this magical journey through a beautiful hand crafted and theatrical paper set for a hand to reach a Kirin Ichiban beer. “There’s beauty in the process”, that counts for the crafting of their beer, but also for the making of this film.