Riot Games: Valorant

Denis Bodart


RIOT Games

– Feed Me Light

Denis Bodart

Creative Producer:

Daniela Hornksov Sun


Ryan Goodwin-Smith

Assistant Director:

Mark Mullan


David Botchey

Art Director:

Denis Bodart


Denis Bodart, Ryan Goodwin-Smith

– Elastic
Elastic Producer:

James Howell

Deputy Head of Production:

Zach Wakefield

Head of CG Production:

Michael Steinmann

Executive Producer:

Luke Colson

Head of Production:

Kate Berry

Managing Director:

Jennifer Sofio Hall

Storyboard Lead:

Yohann Auroux

Additional Story Art:

Tristan Menard, Laura Quinn

CG Leads:

Frederic Colin, Olivier Pirard

Technical Director:

Olivier Pirard

CG Artists:

Frederic Colin, Simon Duclos, Mehdi Hadi, Stuart Lippincott, Cian McKenna, Olivier Pirard, Samuel Speziali, Firat Tanrikulu

Additional CG:

Bryan Coleman


Denis Bodart, Frederic Colin, Mehdi Hadi, Olivier Pirard


Mark Mullan

Our Awesome Intern:

Stine Ipsen

Elastic and Feed Me Light’s first official collaboration was the teaser for Valorant, one of the first games Riot Games' made outside of League of Legends.

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0129 Elastic BLUE Animatic EXP 00566
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0129 Elastic BLUE Animatic EXP 01055
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0129 Elastic BLUE Animatic EXP 01175