A global creative studio grown out of London, UK

Feed Me Light produces animations, visual effects and title sequences for a wide range of clients across the globe.

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2D, Social
Eagle Wide001
3D, Live Action
Advertising, 3D
R Egrid
Advertising, 3D
Ahs title 008
Title Sequence, 3D
STB Website008
TV series, 3D
Studio Work, Gaming
Advertising, 3D
Advertising, Gaming
Barren landing03
Studio Work, Gaming
0087 BLINKINK GORILLAZ still 01 4961x2792
Studio Work, Advertising
Studio Work, Advertising
0141 E TBT Graded 60s THUMB
Studio Work, Title Sequence
Studio Work, Creative Technology
Indochine Thumbnail
Studio Work, Music Video
Studio Work, Advertising
Studio Work, Gaming
0109 Dobbies 3 D 30s 00511
Studio Work, Advertising
Half Heroes Still 30
Studio Work, TV series
Original Content, Short Film
Studio Work, Advertising


Apple TV Riot games 2019 Adobe Pg Sainsburys Wise hero white RGB Nhs Prada Had Penguin Welch Bremont Uktv G shock Chanel 2 Yonex Kiehls Ee

Our FML studio has been the original breeding ground that led us to the roster that we have today. It continues to deliver the visions of our ace creative directors:

Marc & Denis Bouyer , BRVTVS Collective , Team Tumult , Ben Ommundson , plume.tv , Sebastien Iglesias , Denis Bodart , Renaud Futterer , Frederic Colin , Rowdy , Gonzalo Miranda , Mike&Payne , and Pedro Allevato
0109 Dobbies 3 D 30s 00511
Brutus Collective Horde
Still 001
Ben Ommundson Faces LDL
Ben Ommundson Hallucinations LDL
0043 UKTV Easter Still 10 1920x1080
Safeguard Delivery 60s 3
Earth Still 004
Dreamcatcher FULL 002
Indochine Master Comp Still 0030
Water FULL 001
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Screenshot 2023 08 16 at 17 06 19 Verizon AD Frames
Screenshot 2023 08 16 at 17 06 12 Bozo Island
Vlcsnap 2019 12 07 20h15m18s61
201620650 1
Sanitzer 03 768x960
Inflatable Sofa color 4 1280x720
Sticky Rock 1024x1024
Device 003 1024x1024
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Screenshot 2023 06 09 at 17 20 57 Richard Payne on Behance
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Screenshot 2023 06 09 171646
Dark room
Black Hand FML Grey Lighthouse Fmlpattern