Team Tumult

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Team Tumult are a Zurich based collective of talented writers, artists, animators and illustrators who Feed Me Light are thrilled to be working with.

Their ability to write and produce visual stories for a range of clients ensures that what is delivered is something creatively unique. Their approach is driven by their differing views internally on how to approach a project and this keeps their work diverse and fresh, and uniquely ‘Team Tumult’. But despite their differing approaches and ideas, they are all motivated and driven by the common goal of creating amazing work.

That’s why we like them so much, because they have the same approach and ethos as we do here at FML.

Team Tumult recognises that every story is different, and they strategically approach it to ensure that they consider all possibilities to find the right visual language for each and every project. Whether it be traditional animation, motion graphics, stop motion or illustration, Team Tumult has skill and flexibility to respond to each individual client needs.

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Studio Work, Charity
Roster Work, Short Film
Roster Work, Advertising
Roster Work, Short Film
Roster Work, Short Film
Roster Work, Advertising
Roster Work, Music Video
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Roster Work, Short Film