Denis Bodart

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Our ECD and founder Denis started his career as a creative in Belgium where he was born. He decided to move to London in 2009. After working in various agency and animation studios, opportunity came knocking during 2015 in the form of a collaboration between the fledgling FML and the directing duo, Marc and Denis Bouyer, on a big commercial project, “A Husky Story”. Off the back of this success, and a desire to continue creating high-end work with like-minded people, Feed Me Light grew from an individual freelance company to a team of creatives based in a studio in East London.

Growing a studio came with the new challenges of general business management and especially managing clients and feedback. Understanding the need for that buffer of a producer led to an expanded team of great management that could support our talent. Through this growth, FML began to find its feet, and more importantly its distinct creative voice and flavour, all under the dutiful leadership of Denis.

Studio Work, Gaming
Studio Work, Gaming
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