Amazon Music: A Voice Is All You Need

Design Studio:



Andy Hall & Max Ulichney

Senior Producer:

Paul Makowski

Pitch Producer:

Meredith Cherniack

Executive Producer:

Luke Colson

Head of Production:

Kate Berry

Managing Directors:

Jennifer Sofio Hall


Lance Slaton


Claudia Yi Leon


Evan Mayfield, Michael Relth, Jahmad Rollins

3D Artists:

Josephine Kahng, Joe Paniagua, Josh Dyer

Matte Painter:

Jie Zhou

Amazon Music is building on its momentum with the launch of ‘A Voice is All You Need.’ The campaign highlights the powerful vocals of notable songs while demonstrating the simplicity of voice with Alexa, featuring leading artists at launch including Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Kendrick Lamar, SZA, Freddie Mercury from Queen and Kane Brown.